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Rob Mattison

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Rob really did "Write the Book" 

II have written over 12 books covering the topics of Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management and the use of Data Bases and Business Intelligence in the telecommunications industry. 

As a globally recognized expert, hundreds of copies of these books have been distributed to telecoms in every part of the world. 

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Author  of over 500 Hours of Advanced Training 

As a professional training specialist for IBM, Cap Gemini, Deloitte-Touche and GRAPA, i have written over 500 hours of advanced training in the areas of Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management , Cyber Security and Business Intelligence. 

Teacher of over 8,000 Students since 2005 

Starting in 2005, I have conducted live training sessions both in person, and online for over 8,000 students.

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Applying Business Intelligence - To Telecoms Risk, Fraud, Security and Revenue Assurance 

Doing business intelligence in telecoms requires a lot more than a knowledge of "how to do BI". 

The Business Intelligence requirements and challenges are complex and unique to the telecoms industry. Without a well grounded background and experience in this unique "HYBRID" discipline professionals are continuously hampered with inaccurate data, faulty finding IT/BI frustration and a serious lack of efficiency and reputation. 

Database Design
Telecoms data is voluminous, complex and unique and creating efficient databases, and meaningful intelligence reports takes a special skill and focus. 

Analytics that save time - increase confidence & reduce risk. 
The point of effective analytics is not to simply create "gee-whiz" reports, or to duplicate the insights that someone else figured out. It is to initiate a whole new way of looking at the risk mitigation and assurance job, and the create powerful models that slash operational monitoring costs while increasing managements confidence that all major risks are being monitored in a timely and effective way.  

MySQL, I2, DB2, Oracle, Power BI, Excel and many other tools. 

Business Intelligence Design & Usage Support Info 

Project Manager / Audit Manager

Senior Audit Manager and Assessment Project Lead for dozens of projects from 2000-2007 in my time with IBM, Deloitte-Touche and CapGemini. 

Audit and Assessment Categories expertise includes:  

- Telecoms Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence Systems Audit
- Revenue Assurance Department - Maturity Assessment 
- Fraud Management Systems - Audit & Use Assessment 
- Risk Management Operations Audit
- Audit of Revenue Assurance & Risk Profile for multiple lines of business including 4G/LTE, LORA, GSM-Roaming, WiFI, Broadcast Satellite, Cable Television Networks, MPLS/CVPN, Corporate Broadband.... 

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Fraud, Security & RA Systems  SetUp

Design - Requirements - Selection - Installation - Deployment 

Working as a Systems Architect and Design Specialist for dozens of systems for IBM Global Services, Cap Gemini & EDS.

Responsible for developing methodologies that allow the analyst to quickly develop requirements, identify design flaws at the logical, physical and internal systems level, and guarantee the smooth and successful launch of many systems.  

I have been responsible for the "from the ground up design" for 5 major telecoms data warehouses of over 100TB in volume and I have been responsible for the redesign and tuning of several multi-TB databases increasing performance and throughput by more than 10x.  

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