The GRAPA Academies

Next Gen Practices for the Next Generation
Telecoms Risk & GOvernance Professional 


To Telecoms Risk Managment Managers  and their Teams

SInce 2009, the GRAPA Revenue Assurance Academy has served as the industries most pervasive and effective source of training, testing, certification and the transfer of best practices in the industry.

Our training event have been held on every continent, and every region of the world, for professionals in every type of telecommunications and ICT provider.

Starting in 2020 the RA Academy made a full commitment to the delivery of the full range of training and best practices transfer using our new Thunderbird - Continuous Professional Development cloud-based application.

We are proud to have been instrumental in the training and certification of dozens of revenue assurance teams, the the certification of hundreds of professionals.

We are also excited about the innovative and revolutionary new ways that we are enabling our outreach and our continued empowerment of RA professionals from carriers of every type and size.

t is exciting and rewarding to serve as the president of GRAPA, It is a wonderful place to work, and I truly enjoy my revenue assurance, fraud management, security, cyber and audit teams around the world. 

Our mission is to enable all telecoms governance and security professionals to become self-directed and self-reflective learners. In a climate of trust, we engage them in opportunities to improve their performance, develop their interpersonal skills. It is important to me that all students feel that our staff knows them well and that we continue to challenge them to grow both professionally  and socially.

We provide a nurturing environment in which students feel safe to explore new learning and challenges while still knowing there are caring, supportive staff to join in celebrating their success and guiding them through difficult times. As partners in our endeavor, thank you for your support.


Rob Mattison, President GRAPA