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Telecoms Revenue Operations - Finance

For decades, telecoms (the generic term used to describe Information, Communications and Technology Companies) have been responsible for the creation of generation after generation of social, scientific and commercial revolution that has reshaped the lives of almost every person on the planet.; 

The delivery of these continuous waves of "disruptive" technology is not easy, nor does working with these technologies guarantee success. It takes a special kind of person, a special kind of corporate culture and a special mindset to make this kind of continuous innovation a reality. What this really means is that the typical telecoms employee is constantly have to "re-invent" themselves and re-arrange their systems and work priorities based upon this continuous wave of innovation.

The cost of constant innovation ?

While the typical telecom has mastered the art of "reinventing itself often", this abiity does not come without cost. The biggest cost is paid by the employees of the telecom itself. This constant need to redefine yourself and rethink what you are doing can be exhausting.How do we handle it? Well that are several tricks.

First - Telecoms are notoriously "silo-based" organizations. By organizing people into relatively autonomous silos we help each group to 'stabilize itself' within the context of the big changes going on at the macro level. 

Second - We participate in a process known as sense-making. Sense making is the innate ability of humans to filter and adjust reality based upon our experiences and work with peers. (Biases, Filters and Attitudes).

While in general, this process of "silo-ing" and sensemaking works well, when the shifts and changes get to be too great, the process starts to breakdown, and "disconnections" occur. When those disconnections are minor, we get inefficiency, but when it is major it creates "leakage" , the loss of revenue due to negligence, error or oversight.

Most telecoms create a special department to look out for these situations, the "Revenue Assurance Department". But when the changes come too fast, this team alone cannot keep up. During the times of the most drastic change, the only way to keep up is to for RA to work with the operational teams in order to more quickly address these risks before they get out of hand.

Method of Delivery: Thunderbird Platform , Online Live  
Duration: (10 Units) 40 Hours  
Testing & Workshops: Testing & Extensive Experience Surveys  
Prerequisite :  None 
Certification : CTRO (Certified Telecoms Revenue Operations Professional) 

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The NextGen Telecom Billing and Revenue Operations Masterclass 

Developing and encouraging "revenue operations champions." Telecoms today  are in the midst of the greatest disruption ever faced. This disruption is toppling revenue streams and forcing carriers to innovate quickly in order to try to keep up. What top management teams are realizing that the more laissez-faire approach to revenue assurance that serves well during "stable periods", is not going to be good enough to keep up with the changes during this period of rapid mobilization.

Telecoms Revenue Operations Outline 

1. The Assurance Imperative
2. Monetization Foundations
3. Next Gen Revenue - It's Different
4. Technology Focus Areas
5. Lines of Business
6. Revenue Management
7. Billing Assurance
8. Cyber Fraud
9. Revenue Engineering
10. Next Gen Partnerships
11. Financial Services
12. Traditional Telecoms Fraud

Revisiting existing revenue-operations with fresh insights and perspectives 

In telecoms, the key to the successful deployment of new technologies and business models is often based upon the ability of the members of each of the operational teams (Finance, Billing, I/T, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Engineering, etc. ) to figure out how to
ADAPT existing systems, operations and procedures to the new business realities and to do so in a way  that doesn't endanger the ability of the organization to collect and realize revenues.

This course provides professionals with insights into the true nature of that challenges that they are facing as they struggle to adapt existing processes , systems and operations to meet the demands of new billing approaches, new business models and new ways of conceiving of and delivering value to customers.

The objective is to help attendees understand and embrace the role of "revenue champions" within their own particular area of expertise, and to learn how to leverage the methods and resources of the revenue assurance approach to help accomplish their objectives

Learning Objectives :  

 The GRAPA - Revenue Operations Masterclass for 2021 has been developed to provide experienced telecoms professionals from all disciplines with new insights, tools and approaches that can help them take their area, and the entire organization to the "next level" of revenue integrity and profitability. Attendees will:

• Learn about best practices in next gen deployment from carriers around the world
• Gain significant expansion in their depth and breadth of understanding into how next gen
busi- ness models succeed and how to adapt the current
organization in orer to make that a reality. 

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