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Method of Delivery:   Online Live
 Duration: (10 Units)   40 Hours
Testing & Workshops:  Use Cases and In House Hands on Workshops
Prerequisite : Revenue Assurance Foundations (CPRA Certification)
Certification : Certified Revenue Assurance 5G Engineer 

Assurance of Things - 5G RA Engineers MasterClass 

This program is the 2nd half of the GRAPA - 5G roadmap. This program focuses on the new skills, methods and competencies that professional must have to contribute to the new 5G environment. 

The focus on this program is on how the professional can position themselves as key parts of any telecoms 5G evolution. Learn the keys to 5G Assurance and dozens of new methodologies and controls domains including: 

New Areas to Assure - New Things to Track 
-* Slice Assurance 
*  Platform Assurance 
*  Offer Assurance 

New Controls Disciplines 
* Expectations Controls 
* Margin Controls 
* Billing Controls 
* Policy Controls 

Exploration of the new competencies , or the enhancements to existing competencies in the areas of CONTROLS DESIGN, ANALYTICS, INTERVIEWING and CASE MANAGEMENT 

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English Language - Class Times.

Horario de Clase - Clases en Español

ASSURANCE OF THINGS : 5G Engineers MasterClass 

Learn about the many different roles and responsiblities that RA professionals will need to fill to fit into the NextGen 5G World 

Learn how to be a PART OF THE PROCESS! 

Waiting for things to settle down is never going to happen in this world. In the NextGen world, you are part of the evolution or you are not involved until it is too late. 

Find out all of the different options available and how to best address them. 

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