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Specialist Program - Masterclasses

GRAPA provides the advanced student with a number of different Specialist Masterclasses, each offering a different focused coverage of an area of critical import to the professional. .

These courses  course pulls together the latest innovations and techniques being employed by teams around the world in their efforts to create the new generation of Revenue Assurance professional practices and approaches. .

Students will be challenged to participate and even lead projects that allow them to strategize an approach, execute that approach and build up the intelligence, insights and competency needed to deploy high caliber, advanced deliverables based upon the target area selected. 

There are different series of Masterclasses available for different kinds of objectives that you have for your team and your organization. 

See details about the different series below, and watch the video playlist at the bottom of this page for more information. 

Method of Delivery:
Thunderbird Platform , Online Live  

: 20 Hours

: No testing, each student creates deliverables for grading and certification 

Prerequisite : CPRA Certification (2021) or 2021-ReCertification  

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Mastering New Technologies & Business Models 

Our New Technology and Innovative Business Model Master Classes provide the revenue assurance professional with an in depth introduction to the technical, operational, organizational and financial management impacts and characteristics of the latest service offerings being deployed by carriers around the world.

Mastering new technologies quickly is imperative for the nextgen professional and our masterclass offerings do it quickly, efficiently and completely.

Technologies Covered 

1. 4G/LTE 
2. 5G 
3. IOT / M2M 
4. Fiber / Cable / Satellite 
6. Cloud 
7. Managed Services / Security 

What you will learn 

1. How the technology works
2. Default industry standard revenue stream architecture & components 
3. Standard risks and controls for typical deployments 
4. How to assess & evaluate your own organizations current deployment (what stage is it in?) 
5. Setting a timetable / roadmap for controls enhancement 

Mastering Revenue Assurance Based Business Intelligence

Today's telecoms business environment is many times more complicated than previous generations, and the RA teams ability to perform timely analysis and controls depends completely upon the ability of the team to master and deliver the latest in Business Intelligence experise.

After decades of being forced to "beg for the data", RA teams are taking the lead and establishing their own BI expertise, infrastructure and approach.

The GRAPA Business Intelligence MasterClass series is designed to provide your team with the background, toolset and guidance to quickly understand and master the full range of BI capabilties.

DataBase, PowerBI, Excel, Tableau, Analytics, Statistics, Heuristics and Cloud are now all part of the RA vocabulary and our classes allow your team to drill down and master them, one discipline at a time. 

Technologies  Covered 

1. PowerBI / Excel 
2. SQL Databases (All types) 
3. Data Modeling 
4. ETL and Data Sourcing 
5. Modeling and Reporting 
6. Statistical Analysis (R, PSPP) 
7. Cloud, Azure, Amazon 

What you will learn 

1. How to organize your work in the targeted area 
2. How to convert revenue assurance issues and questions into data sourcing and processing specifications  
3. Data sourcing, transformation and organization 
4. How to develop reports that answer questions 
5. How to leverage statistics to super-charge your effect

Mastering Business : Business Centric Revenue Assurance 

The number one area where almost all CFO's would like to see improvement on the part of the Revenue Assurance team, it is in the area of the teams business focus. Too often RA teams tend to specialize in technical issues, controls issues or just plain financial issues without ever learning how to look at the bigger picture.. namely, understanding how this situations, control or response will impact the business overall.

The GRAPA - RA-MBA Masterclass series provides your team with the opportunity to sharpen their business skills and focus while at the same time building reports, assessments and/or controls that are needed by your organization today.

By teaching your team how to assess situations politically, operationally and organizationally, they will gain insight and leverage with will strengthen the standing and effectiveness of the team in everything they do. 

Skills Covered 

2. Stakeholder Analysis 
3. Being more consultative & collaborative 
4. Analytical thinking & Problem Solving 
5. How to organize and execute an Investigation / Exploratory Project 

What you will learn 

1.Upgrade the analytical, investigative and communications skills of your team. 
2. How to perform a comprehensive root cause / contributing factor analysis on real world issues you face  
3.More formalized incident and case management discipline and approach 
4. How to conceptualize, plan and create deliverables as a team 

Expanding the Scope of Revenue Assurance : Masterclass Series 

Grow or die. A famous business philosophy can certainly be applied to many RA departments around the world today. New product developers, NextGen Partners, and Competitors will not wait around until you and your team "find the time" to take on new lines of business, coverage areas and high risk partnerships.

Equipping your team with the knowledge, skills and confidence to take on ANY NEW AREA at ANY TIME is big asset to any department, and our Scope Expansion Masterclass Series will teach your team how, in the best way possible. Hands on , real time working with your existing situations.

The Scope Expansion Masterclasses have been the most successful of the series, and have helped managers empower their teams in ways they never thought possible.

Expansion Categories  

1. New Network Infrastructure (4G / 5G / LORA / Fiber / Cloud) 
2. New Business Models (IOT / M2M / OTT / Broadcast/ Managed Services/ mBanking) 
3. New Domains (Network Controls, Channel Assurance, Accounting Assurance, New Product Development Assurance )
4. New Appliances Assurance (PCRF / DPI / New Billing System Installation / New CRM System Install) 

What you will learn 

1. How to quickly determine how the line of business/ technology is deployed 
2. How to identify the key "stakeholders" across each area of operation 
3. How to quickly identify the "hot spots" and high risk leakage points
4. How to create a "Revenue Map" and a "Risk Heat Map" making it possible to organize your assessment and report to management
5. How to build a forensics, investigations, analysis, controls deployment and long term coverage plan for the area.

Improving Efficiency & Effectiveness : Management & Governance MasterClass Series 

Maximizing the effectiveness of the Revenue Assurance department takes more than just doing a good job and trying really hard. Having the right tools, the right kind of support from management, from Audit, from I/T and all of the other business areas is key.
The GRAPA - Governance Masterclass series will provide you and your team to zero in on how to best create, leverage or reboot your organizational footprint in order to make it possible for your team to excel across the organization. 
Our Charter Development, Maturity Ranking and Systems Specifications Masterclasses provide you with the experience, deliverable templates and know how to take your Governance to the next level. 

Areas  Covered 

1. Developing a New Departmental Charter 
2. Maturity Ranking Projects 
3. Department Roadmap Development 
4. Establishing formal coverage plans/ SLA with business areas 
5. Engineering your RA Infrastructure (Systems and Databases) 
6. Remote Work Force Management 
7. Managing the RA Department 

What you will learn 

1. How to improve the reputation and positioning of RA in the organizations  
2. How to sponsor, create and deploy best practices in charters, KPIs and organizational mapping 
3. Create specifications for RA Systems 
4. Create specifications for RA Business Intelligence Infrastructure 
5. Establishing better teamwork and management practices 

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